Normalize New Mom Body Exercises

Appearances mother who just gave birth to most disturbing. For example, sagging breasts, breast milk is not smooth, hard bowel movements, and did not return a slim stomach, can be prevented?

The answer, of course can. Mother did not need to worry of the condition. It can be anticipated through some exercises. However, not just to move the body. The process of recovery is so faster. Thus, the mother can be care for and breastfeed her baby soon. For example, strengthening the chest muscles. This exercise aims to preserve the breast so as not to loose. Addition effect is milk can come out more smoothly. One of his movement, both hands holding onto each other on the forearm near the elbow. Body and arm and then forming an angle of 90 degrees. Movement of both hands push the arm toward the elbow without shifting the palm of the hand. Do it until your chest muscles feel pulled. Then, release slowly. Perform 30 times interspersed movement delay time for rest. To be optimal, better use a bra that supports the breast.

There is also a contraction of abdominal and butt exercises. Aim to prevent mother had difficulty defecating and crush up. Also helpful for uterine contractions to stop bleeding quickly. How, mother slept clapper with both legs and arms at side of body. Bow your head, furrow buttocks, and deflated abdomen to push the mattress. Then released slowly, do 15 times the motion. Mothers need to make a move that could return the uterus to the starting position. His movement, sleep on his stomach with two pillows propping the lower abdomen, and one small pillow to prop the feet. Head directed to the left or right side, the position of the hand under the pillow with the elbow bent.

Maintain this posture for five minutes. Gradually, increase the movement of up to 20 minutes long. When the mother complained often tired feet, can try to sit with your knees straight, leaning on both arms in the back of the buttocks. Foot enforced with the knees straight, then subjected the palms foot and fingers. After that straighten again. The exercise aims blood circulation, do the exercise six times if it still feels tired added more frequency. New mother had to stop practicing when there are complaints. For example, abdominal pain, wound scar feel trouble, or re-bleeding. Mother did not need to force yourself to practice, wait until a new strong practice, and do exercises ranging from little course.

Ref: dr Putu Alit Pawana SpKFR (Physical Medicine Rehabilitation Specialist from Soetomo Hospital, Surabaya)


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